We Do Not Charge for Editorial

If a publication is charging you, it is not editorial!
By definition, editorial is no charge. And, the publication must mark it as “Paid Content”. Bottom line, if you pay for it, it is not editorial, it is advertising!

Advertorial Does Not Exist!
It’s either editorial or advertising. Advertorial is just a made up word to make it sound more legitimate. We don’t offer advertorial and we do not charge for editorial!

We do not give editorial preference to advertisers/sponsors!
The integrity of our editorial is very important to us. We want readers to know that we are covering a company or product because we love it, not because they paid us. There are only 12 advertising spots on each publication which may give coverage of up to 200 companies. So, there may be 188 companies we are covering who will never advertise.

And because we want the ads on our publications to be relevant content as well, we will only allow companies covered in a publication to sponsor that publication. But again, advertising is not required to get editorial coverage.