Top Marketing Campaigns

We cover the Marketing, PR, Advertising and Promotions industries too. So, we’re looking to highlight the top campaigns as well. We know you’re used to promoting your clients. But, let us cover you for a change. Besides, one of our favorite accomplishments is when we connect agencies with new clients. And, this is a great way for us to do it.

We’re looking for the best:

  • TV, Print and Online Ad, PR and Promotions Campaigns
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design

Each top firm and campaign will be profiled and interviewed on our Marketing publications as well as our publication in the agencies base city.


Sponsor Opportunities
While our coverage is editorial and no cost, we do allow a limited amount of sponsor opportunities on this coverage. As always, we even consider sponsors to be content and we want them to be relevant to the content they are sponsoring. Contact us for details.