Top Hotels, Restaurants & Attractions

We’re choosing the top Hotels, Restaurants and Attractions in each city. We are working with each Tourism Bureau, EDC and Chamber as well as the Hotel & Restaurant companies.

We will be traveling to select cities to provide in-person and film coverage. To cover the other cities, we are asking the the top executives of each company we cover to tell us their favorite hotels, restaurants and attractions in their hometowns as well as the other cities they know the best.

We will profile each of the top Hotels, Restaurants and Attractions on our Travel publications as well as the corresponding city publication.

We will also be choosing the best Hotel  and Restaurant designs so we can profile the top designers.


Sponsor Opportunities
While our coverage is editorial and no cost, we do allow a limited amount of sponsor opportunities on this coverage. As always, we even consider sponsors to be content and we want them to be relevant to the content they are sponsoring. Contact us for details.