Press Releases

Press Releases are the basis for our coverage and where we like to start with a company. We place them on our network exactly as you send them and mark them as press releases with the company listed as the source. This gives companies the opportunity to provide our readers with an official statement from the company.  And since it is marked as a press release, readers know it is information issued by the company.

We are interested in Press Releases about everything. We have publications for absolutely every industry, 1,000 cities in the US and every major city in the world. So, we want to know about any news you have.

How to Get Your Press Releases Published
There are three ways to get your press releases on any of our publications:

  • Least likely to get coverage – We copy them from your site.
  • More likely to get coverage – You place us on your Press Distribution List.
  • Guaranteed Coverage – Get an account with us so you can enter them yourself and gain immediate coverage.

While these tips will help you get press with us, it will likely help you with all editors, especially for online publications.

Standard Format
There’s no need to get fancy. The simplicity of the standard press release format suits us fine. Here are a few things to note:

  • City – Always include the city so we can publish it in the correct city publication too.
  • Date – Always include the date in the standard format so we can enter the date in the system. We cannot publish a press release without a date.
  • Title – Please use Title Case. All caps is a known taboo online and may keep us from publishing the release.
  • Links – Do not include internal links to various pages of your web site. We always remove these links for numerous reasons.
  • Social Media Links – In the company bio, linking to social media profiles is fine. Just make sure the display text is your username or the link because we always remove the underlying link.
  • Extraneous Information – Any extra information should be before or after the press releases. Editors like to be able to pull the title and the press release in one quick copy and paste.
  • Bullet Points  – Use really bullet point tags. It’s easy to learn proper HTML. People who don’t know HTML, use everything else as bullet points.
  • Tables – Tables have always been irritating designers and editors. But in the days of mobile, they can cause serious problems. Sometimes they are necessary. But, we recommend using them sparingly.

Public Relations, Not Sales
All professional PR executives know this. But, please do not write press releases that are basically sales announcements. Press releases are for news, not direct marketing.

File Formats for Your Press Center or Distribution List
Again, your goal with a press center on your website or a distribution list is to make it as easy as possible for the media to report on your company. So, use simple file formats.

  • Basic HTML or WordPress style posts are best for press releases on your web site.
  • For distribution lists, a normal email is just fine. An attached text file is fine yet unnecessary.

Word Files usually not Accepted
We most likely will not carry your press release if it is in Word. While Word files do not always cause problems, it happens enough that we place those press releases in low priority.

PDF Files not Accepted
We most likely will not carry your press release if it is in PDF format. PDF Files are very hard to copy because they often place a hard return on every line and do not include a space at the end of each line. So, we have to reformat every line on the press release. The faster our publications grow, the less likely we are to accept PDF files.

Graphic Press Releases are not Accepted
We do not use them and delete them immediately. While we understand the desire to make press releases pretty for the more visual industries, they are absolutely useless for us and most online editors. In order to use any of the text, we have to retype it. In order to use any of the photos, we have to crop the graphic file. Therefore, we absolutely ignore press releases that are one big graphic. And, we delete them immediately because they just take up space.

Financial & Investor Releases
We don’t publish financial press releases which are strictly for investors such as quarterly results and investor’s conference announcements.

For more information and  tips about Press Releases, visit our site,


Sponsor Opportunities
While our coverage is editorial and no cost, we do allow a limited amount of sponsor opportunities on this coverage. As always, we even consider sponsors to be content and we want them to be relevant to the content they are sponsoring. Contact us for details.