Build Client Relationships

We help our sponsors build relationships with top customers in highly targeted markets. Advertising is just hoping. Engage with your clients instead.


Only companies we select to cover in our editorial for a publication are allowed to sponsor that publication ensuring that sponsors are as relevant & high quality as our editorial. This exclusivity also ensures your brand is only identified with other respected brands.  


Sponsorship of cities, categories, sites & channels are part of our showroom packages creating a fully-integrated marketing package similar to a Trade Show sponsorship that combines the power of our editorial about your brand with your content, film and photography.


Our sponsorship packages are built to give a company everything needed to build a brand year-round on our network. Each level caters to a specific type of company or campaign goal allowing you to cater to any combination of relevant target markets.

No Banners

Banners are not mobile friendly & are antiquated. More importantly, they distract from the high-end design of our publications as well as your brand message. Our sponsors receive premium placement of their content such as a front page feature on their showrooms.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Besides our publication sponsorship packages, we offer sponsorship opportunities for our specialty editorial such as our MVP lists of the top companies in a particular city, profession or industry. 


Apply for Editorial Coverage

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